Felt Pizza Set with Mini Board

Pizza Pan Felt Set With Mini Lapboard by Candyland Studio

If you think back to my very first Felt Fun Friday post I mentioned how felt boards could come in, or be made in many shapes and sizes. Today’s project is another fun set that includes a mini or lap board that can be used for other sets too!

Pan can be used as a mini board

Basically I took a regular pizza pan I got at the Dollar Store and cut a corresponding circle piece of stiff black felt and attached it to the pan. Plus, you can turn it over and use it as a mini magnet board if you have magnetic pieces!

Also, I learned a valuable lesson…fabric glue is my first choice when using any sort of bottled glue on felt pieces, but it does NOT stick well to metal. Pretty much not at all once it dries. I figured as much before I started this project, but wanted to test it out so I could give you the results of my little experiment.

Despite using all this glue:

Gluing on the stiff felt

once the fabric glue dried I could easily pull the piece away from the pan. Not a problem. I grabbed my trusty glue gun and fixed that little issue right away. I also added a couple strips of double stick tape just in case, but it wasn’t necessary as the hot glue worked just fine.

Then created another stiff black circle which was later cut into pieces before adding additional layers for the crust and cheese. Then I made a bunch of little toppings, all backed with the black felt for my traditional Candyland Studio felt style. =)

Felt Pizza Slice with Felt Toppings

I had this sitting on the kitchen counter the day I finished it so I could surprise the girls when they came home. My husband walked right up to it thinking I actually made pizza to eat! LOL

Large Combination Pizza

When the girls are older this could be a fun way to work on math skills, counting and dividing the toppings and slices. For now they just enjoy making pizzas to go with their kitchen set!

Okay, while I love this set, I have to be honest…the lack of sauce is kind of driving me nuts. At first I made it assuming that you know, the cheese covered the sauce. But I kinda want to remake it maybe with a strip of red near the crust…what do you think? Is it fine how it is, or did you notice the sauce thing before I brought it up??


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  1. says

    I would add sauce but since your husband mistook it for the edible variety and your kids are enjoying it in their play kitchen maybe it’s not so important after all 😉

    • admin says

      Thanks for your input Arleigh! I think I will make another version…variety is good, and there’s no such thing as too much pizza, right?!

  2. Nicole says

    Wow! What an awesome job you’ve done! This is better than M&D’s pizza set :)

    No need to change that one, it’s great how it is, but sure, adding sauce to the next one would be a good addition. Or maybe have the cheese a little more orange-ish. Go on Google Images and look up “cheese pizza,” look at the varieties and see if you get anything out of it :)

    • admin says

      Thank you Nicole! And better than M&D?! Wow, that means A LOT!!! I will definitely look into more options for sauce and different cheese…sometimes real life colors are hard to match with what is available in felt. I struggled with finding the right felt colors for skin tones awhile back, but I’ve not looked into different orange/cheese shades. =)


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